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To say Fred Kirby had a lot of friends would be a serious understatement. Like Will Rogers, Fred never met a man (or child) he didn’t like. You could not go anywhere with the man and not feel like you were with royalty. Walk into a restaurant with Fred and you’d be lucky to eat. Before I could be hired to be the Marshal at Tweetsie, the Robbins brothers insisted that I spend a couple of days with Fred and his wife Mary at their home in Indian Trail. They wanted to make sure that Fred was okay with who would be wearing the badge and representing the “good guy”. Those couple days of looking through old photos, listening to records and stories were fantastic. I not only had a chance to see what an amazing spirit Fred had but also see the real man. He was just what you saw on television. He loved all children, horses, music and life. A friend to everyone, I am especially proud to say he was mine. Happy Birthday Fred! Up on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, I’m sure the horses are fast, the children are all playing sweetly and the chorus is on key.

Tracy Brown
Executive Director Blowing Rock TDA
Tweetsie Marshal and friend of Fred Kirby


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  • I had the great pleasure of working with Fred when I managed WBTV. He was the real mc-coy. What you saw on air is how he was in real life. He loved children and children loved him because he communicated with them on their level and they understood that. He loved everyone and wanted all of us to love each other and treat each other with respect. Happy trails Fred.

  • Can’t believe Fred would be 100 years old! I was fortunate enough for my parents to bring me to Tweetsie when I was young, I now am 63. I took both my children when the were small but old enough to remember Fred. They meet him too. Seems like yesterday. He was one of the greatest. Always standing at the train waiting to talk to the children. That was the good old days. I’ve seen him in many parades, riding his horse. One of my grandsons has already been to Tweetie. I told him all about FRED KIRBY and his TV show, the works. I was just checking the open weekends, I think I’m bringing a precious little grl with me this time, hopefully this Saturday. Thank you for keeping Tweetsie a live. It’s a land mark for us older kids to bring, show. and tell our young kids about. I always love the surprise they get on the train ride. It is so much fun!! Thank you again for the treasure for us to pass down a legacy, of respect and fun! Happy trails Fred Kirby, I’ll always love you!

  • I loved him and the show! I also had a 45 RPM record of “Pretty Little Tweetsie.” Does anyone else have one (mine is long gone) or remember that song?

  • Love Fred Kirby…

  • Hi, Pardners
    I am Fred Kirby’s 60 yr old nephew. I have ridden old number 12 with the rest of you, fought train robbers and Indians with Fred by my side, guns blazing! We miss you Fred.

    “Pretty Little Tweetsie” is now on YouTube. Check it out.

  • I remember when Fred was the grand marshal of the Christmas parade in Gastonia. We always watched his show and when he went by my mom yelled “Hey Fred!” at the top of her lungs. She got his attention and he waved at us. Not sure who was cooler, Mom for getting his attention or Fred for just being himself and waving at us with his hand under his chin.

  • I not only watched him on tv and seen him at Tweetsie, but the company my dad worked for had Fred Kirby come to Christmas parties the company had for the employees’ children. Those were always fun. I even have some pictures of him at the parties. Big Rocky Candy Mountain always brings back memories.

  • As his youngest daughter, I can tell you he is missed.  I can also confirm he was exactly who you all saw.  7-19-11 he celebrated his 101st birthday in Heaven!  His legacy lives on ... He served God thru his love for children.

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I just have to email you to brag on Tweetsie! I brought my children (along with a friend and her children) to Tweetsie this fall. We only live a little over an hour away but had not been to Tweetsie in several years. Everyone at Tweetsie was SUPER NICE!!! We go to another park at least once a month and there is no comparison....Tweetsie won, hands down! Everyone working on the rides, in the shops, EVERYONE was so courteous and nice. Thanks for a very enjoyable day!!!”

-Guest from Spruce Pine, NC

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